Sunday, September 23, 2007

Not an equation

Life is never a bed of roses; we cannot escape from the ups and downs of it. The only way is to enjoy everything that comes along the way without rebuffing every lesson that comes along the way. For me, it almost guarantees the maximum satisfaction in life.

For the past few days, I have come across different different instances that made me reshape my thinking. I use to hold people very tightly to their words and promises, I cannot understand while given the same set of scenario, I person would feel different. Isn’t 1+1=2 and isn’t that an answer always? Life is not a mathematic equation, we cannot expect people to be the same though given the same set of scenarios. Even in economic movements, unexpected reactions are always considered, what more human’s behaviours and emotions. In fact, I guess I should also allow myself to feel/think differently. Still learning how to alleviate myself of having expectations towards both myself and other people.

What do I do next? Get myself a comfortable dancing ground to kick off my shoes, I already have my dancing partners ready. Life is good


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