Saturday, September 22, 2007

Back on track

Wait SIFU, I've not found the guts to post anymore of my analysis after receiving your comment on my previous one. Let me study from every angle (like you have requested) before posting up. Else, I’ll for sure kena hentam from you again. Your comments are really hard to stomach :-(

Like my header suggest, it’s time to get back onto track, getting back to the Yvonne 6 months back whereby nothing in life truly worries her. Yippeee!!! I have got a HUGE list of things that I’ve postponed.

People! Let me know if any of you is keen to join me in any of my activities ya

  1. Begin my salsa/dancing lessons.
  2. Pick up my aeronautics course at the point I left months ago.
  3. Attend my skiving theory classes, else I will really risk my life.
  4. Get my butt back into Rotaract ASAP.
  5. Get back in touch with my beloved Rotarians.
  6. Get back in touch with my community service friends.
  7. This is hardest – Exercise :-(
  8. Re-activate my role at Perdana Global Peace Org.
  9. Equipped myself with the knowledge of the world market (I’ve my sifu to guide)
  10. Give more love, and enjoy every moment with those people around me.
  11. and finally – Have FUN :-)

My career has finally taken off after 15 months of waiting, although it is still not where I want it to be but at least I’m comfortable on my direction. I WANT to DIVERSIFY my career focus and I’m doing it now.

Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is Mystery, Today is a Gift and that is why the call it the Present :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there,

So when can we expect to see you back at huh? It's been many many months :P

R. Wong

October 09, 2007  

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